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having to know about artpop

Are you a Spanish woman?

no im white. the only reason i look darkish is cause ive got a lot of Hungarian in me.

my dad is gonna kick me out cause i smoke cigarettes. Cause that’ll help me quit… cause making less than thousand dollars a month at best (which is no where near what I am at now) and then only having about 70 bucks left for food and any else after rent and bills is totally stress free.

Half of those don't make sense lmao? Like I understand if someone is impersonating a race in a derogatory way. (Like "I be going.)" But some are just harmless, seemingly universal words?

Well most are harmless words but the problem falls onto the fact that it’s something originated within the black community that gets picked up by the majority and associated to something else and is popular when white people say it but “trashy” when used by black people who made it. I don’t really agree with idea of policing non offensive words/phrases to a large extent but there is a big point there and people should be aware of what they are doing tbh.




words/phrases that are aave

  • hella
  • turn up/turnt up/turn down for what
  • twerk
  • shade/throwin shade
  • ratchet [dont be a smartass about it either- yes a ratchet is an actual thing that exists but u kno damn well how u usin it]
  • basically all the popular slang on this website
  • like literally there might be a SMALL handful of words that are not appropriated aave

commit this list 2 memory + stop fuckin up

more i’ve been reminded of

  • _ game too strong
  • werk
  • yas [specifically, it’s aave by + for queer black ppl]
  • habitual be [ex. he be goin, she be doin] [[this especially applies to the _ be like memes]]

even more

  • thirst/thirsty [dont get smart u kno exactly what i mean]
  • salty
  • real talk

black peeps feel free 2 add on w/ stuff i forgot

but like hella originated in the 70s at like UCSB and then got big in bay and there is no proof at all that it was originally picked up by any culture and was used universally? and then it was adopted by hip hop around the late 90s? I understand the intent but you gotta do research on all of it.


Black kids are uncomfortable with being stalked and killed. I don’t give a fuck if you’re uncomfortable with people reblogging this shit just because you “come to tumblr for an escape”. This is reality for a lot of people. Grow the fuck up.

The standard & deluxe edition album cover artworks shot by Steven Klein of Tony Bennett and Gaga’s new jazz record ‘Cheek To a Cheek’, available September 23rd.

Pre-orders for the album start on August 19th for the U.S., Canada, & Mexico, and on August 20th for the rest of the world.

holy fuck steven klein who did you let edit your photo to death like girl..

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i also don’t like “im a sweet little girl!” game that she plays when we all know how bitter and shady she can be and is a good amount of the time.

yall i cant tell you how tired i am of the whole t swift “i can’t dance and i’m a quirky white girl that cant do anything right oh well im cute and family friendly!” ploy in her work like girl you gotta get another horse to ride eventually.




Do you have any tips or advice for somebody who's trying to find where she's staying or where she is to meet her for the first time? :)

yeah send me a message off anon and i’ll help ya out with the little I know lol

Do you happen to have a really good/cute picture of gaga in the venus outfit, preferably from the chest up? Thanks.

I have a few saved on my blog somewhere but I didn’t really take any pictures myself at any artraves so no /: