i just went through my likes page and its literally just all your guys’ selfies and failed text posts. 

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if i wake up my mom she’ll just start crying and freaking out so I always let her sleep through any creepy shit that happens.

I learned my lesson when one night I heard something breaking into my den and so I woke her up and was like “hey mom, so someone is breaking into our den through the back door and I’m gonna go check it out” and i had this metal pole and she was like “OMG OMG HELP” and im like shhh. so we went downstairs to check it out and literally there is just like so much banging and slamming of shit in there that she starts crying and im like ok sh i got this and i walked up the dark hallway, kicked the pantry door into the closed den door (it was stupid to do that now that I think of it) but to try to scare em and then entered in super fast and flicked on the light like with the pole raised ready to fight some dude and the room was empty.. but the catdoor was busted open so i was like wat.

and my mom is behind me like hiding and screaming like ready to use me as a meat shield.
so i scan the room and follow the trail of broken shit and finally look up above the back door and theres the fattest biggest raccoon i have ever seen in my life perched above my head 2 feet away that broke its way in and climbed up there. so i slowly backed out and locked it in there till i could get the backdoor open and let it out.

long story short is my mother is useless in traumatic situations and even when my sister lived here I’ve always been the main defense in this house and so im letting her sleep. 

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Orange eyes = mountain lions, cougars, some cats, prairie dogs, rats, sheep, alligators… like wtf (what weapons are nearby you right now?!)

i do live in an area where people get attacked by mountain lions on trails and I live close to trails and it explains the height of it if it was leaning up against the fence but it was wait too quite cause i never heard a shift of weight off or onto the fence but i know they can get places super stealthy. Idk. It fits the stalking aspect of trying to constantly stay behind me but like who knows.

I’ve got a machete sitting next to me ahaha


@ladygagaAsia surprised me at the airport! Happy Times. And Chicago Monsters, I was so happy to see you, and you we’re so cool welcoming me home!

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I’m now back inside because things got creepier and I finished my cigarette.. but anyways story time and I’m gonna pretend that I’m not unsettled by this.

I went outside to smoke my last cigarette and I had my back facing one of my fences.. so halfway through I kinda heard this rustling noise like weird scattered like footsteps/moving of leaves along the ground coming up from the behind me and I heard the branches of trees start to be pushed out of the way on that fence so I’m like “k..” and I look over my shoulder (I’m like 15 ft from the fence line) and I see a shadow type of thing right over the top of the fence in a weird shape that I couldn’t figure out but I assumed it was a raccoon or cat ya know. I turned on the flashlight to my phone and all I could see was like this round outline and I figured out it was a living thing because when i turned on the light its eyes started to reflect in it like a deep orange color at me. It didn’t move at all even though I was looking right at it so I got up and walked more forward to it hoping that it would shine on it better and I just said something stupid and provoking like “you wanna play?” and “what the fuck are you” cause I figured it was an animal cause human eyes don’t reflect like that and if it was a person I know I’m armed and I don’t give a shit they can try to fight me whatever.  
So I kept getting closer to it and it wasn’t leaving or getting any brighter and it just blinked at me like this fucking head shaped thing over my fence with glowing eyes as I’m now 5 ft away from it being like “lets fucking go” lol. We stared at each other for like 5 mins and then it finally started to move sideways along the fence (without creaking the wood so I know the thing was standing behind it and not perched on top like an animal so this thing is like 6 ft tall ok) and the brush and everything started to move on the ground on the other side and it moved some branches and shit until finally I couldn’t see the outline or eyes anymore as if it backed away.

So i returned to sit down at my table to finish my cigarette but this time facing that side of the fence and listened for a while. I then heard something travel lightly along the roof of my neighbors house to my left kinda like a scratching noise more than a thud and then silence. Not even a minute later, on the back end of my yard (which is now behind me again) i hear the same rustling and movement moving up towards that part of the fence which is behind me again.

I turned around, walked over with my flashlight and yeah. Orange fucking eyes. 
so I said “good luck to whatever you’re trying to do” finished my cigarette and am now inside on my comp downstairs just kinda waiting for something. all my doors are locked so I’m not really worried and the only other person home is my mother so idk. ive got too many weapons in my house to feel like theres any threat and its just too weird to even think about

I’ll keep you guys updated. I’m not even kidding about any of this unless I’m hallucinating and don’t know it. 

I’m in my backyard and there’s something looking over the fence watching me smoke. I can’t tell what it is but I can see its eyes. and I can hear it.

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u gotta keep a lot a shit to yourself

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do you ever feel like there’s just so many pretty girls but most dudes are just subpar like there are radiant goddesses everywhere and just piles and piles of guys in backwards baseball caps and sandals

it’s called makeup

you can put eyeliner on a frat boy that doesn’t change the fact that’s he’s wearing a neon muscle shirt and nike flip flops

With long socks.